Who You’ll Meet Here

I am the Momma Lady, who sometimes refers to herself in the Royal We and as in the Queen of Everything. But around here, it’ll just be me or I.  I was born in June, 1969 and love to celebrate my birthday.  It is the only day we get to celebrate the fact that we exist, so live it to the fullest– at least for the day.  I like to garden, which amuses my mother, because I hated it when I had to work in hers.  When I get a chance I’ll crochet, knit, sew, scrap book.  I dream of having a fab digital camera to take all sorts of artsy photos with…maybe someday.  I’m a late blooming athlete who runs marathons and triathlons, and is nearly convinced to start training for a Full Ironman. I enjoy other things too, and they might show up here.

In April, 1989 I married:

My Darling Husband (or Hubs).  I’ve thought of giving him some sort of cute alter-ego, but it just doesn’t seem to fit him.  We met on a blind date for my High School Senior Banquet (my school didn’t do a dance prom, we had a formal dinner instead).  He  is an eternal Detroit Tigers fan and is convinced This is the Year! is every year.

Sonny Boy made his arrival in 1992. He was the first of our three surprise blessings. We’d had a miscarriage before him and planned to wait till after Baby’s due date to get pregnant again.  Surprise! He has fallen in love, got married in August, 2014, and bought his first house with his bride.

His Bride became part of the family in August, 2014, though our family has known hers since she was in middle school, maybe even before. Officially they met through friends at church or at Sunday School or something like that. It seems they had mutual crushes on each other when they were 12 and 14. We adore her and are proud to call her family.

Miss H is their Little One, our first grand baby, born February, 2016. At 2 she is fiercely independent, even getting mostly dressed by herself. Lord willing she will be a Big Sister come Summer, 2018.

Next up is Sweet Pea.  She came along in 1994.  We weren’t planning on having another baby when we learned she was on the way.  I’ve known since day one that she was a *she*, and knew there would be something amazing about her. She has the most beautiful dimples that just suck into her face whenever her mouth moves. She has also left the nest and moved into the adult world

Our youngest is Sugar Bug, who, it turns out, was diagnosed Type 1 diabetic at age 10.  She was Sugar Bug since toddler-hood; oh the irony. Like the others, she was a surprise.  She filled a hole in our family we didn’t know we had until she came. She always gave the best bear hugs. It’s not unusual to hear her singing to herself.

Critters who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge:  Lady Bear was our used-box-of-crayons dog: pretty colorful, but not very sharp.  She is our 100+ pound morbidly obese lap dog; a mixed breed of German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Retriever, as best we can tell.   She actually smiled when she was happy. We discovered she had cancer in 2012 and there is nothing we can do for her except hope for a peaceful end. Her time with us came to an end in January, 2014.  We had Duchess, who got hit by a car in Sept 2007, and had to be put down because of her injuries.  She was a black Cocker Spaniel / Beagle mix– 20 lbs of pure energy.
Added to the family on May 31, 2008:  Satchel is our black tuxedo cat with faint charcoal tiger stripes.  He was all of 1# 14 oz when we got him at 8 weeks old, so he was born around April 5.  He has since turned into a very good hunter. He’s the most affectionate cat.  I’ve taken to calling him an ‘attention slut.’


~~updated 07 March 2018


One thought on “Who You’ll Meet Here

  1. Thanks! I don’t know much about your family. This helps.

    I did remember about your doggie, though. 😦

    I too, ABSOLUTELY adore birthdays…mostly mine, but also others. 🙂



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