In the Middle of the Night

I should be in bed, but for some reason I just don’t feel like going.  I know sleep is what I need, the brain fog is getting pretty thick.  I’ve just finished working on a draft for another novella/essay for the blog and had a random idea to check my blog stats.  This is how my mind works in the middle of the night.  I’m still a novice blogger, and really have only one faithful reader– I think she even has me on an RSS feed! (Whatever that is–honest, I don’t know, and I don’t know how it works.)

Anyway, I keep trying to write without using proper capitalization, and think “Just skip over the misspellings, and let spell check fix it later”, but I can’t.  Just now I used a *j* and changed it to *J* and I backspace all the time to fix spelling errors.  I don’t really see myself as a Type A personality, except for the perfectionism while typing.  But I stay up late because the house is quiet, and the creativity flows without having to worry about the distractions of family and their needs.

So if you’re just a random tag surfer or you came here on purpose, come and sit a spell.  Let me know I’m not the only one who forsakes sleep to clear her mind of creative fodder.  Most of all– leave comments!  Let me know how you found me.  I must say, the random tag surfer who leaves comments are the most exciting kind to get.  I can’t put why into words just yet, and when I can you can bet the word count will hit 700+.

And before this wanders completely into blog oblivion, I’m going to say good night.



In the last week…

…Audrey was able to change piano teachers, which is awesome! She has such a gift, and that is not just proud parent speak, this has come from her current and new teacher, as well as others. Her new teacher will challenge her, and she’s ready to get back “the spark that’s been missing.” (Audrey’s quote) I can hear it already in the sound of the music she plays. She can make a piano *sing*, and when she does, I just stop whatever I’m doing and listen.

…Arnold got a root canal, and two days later swelled up like Brando’s face in “The Godfather” movie. They put him on antibiotics and 800mg ibuprofen every six hours. He said during dinner tonight he was working on his first two hours of being pain free since the local anaesthetic wore of the day of the procedure.

…A friend of mine found out she is going to go to Nashville next week to spend two days talking with a well-know celebrity’s mother about writing a book together. My friend is shocked and nearly speechless at the prospect of working on a new project. (He current book’s deadline is this week.)

…I had to work Easter Sunday. I accidentally asked for the wrong day off from work, which I’ve done before. I figured that I had done it for some reason, which God knew and I didn’t, and I’d find out soon enough. God knew: we have been invited to celebrate our friends’ husband’s 50th birthday, and now we can go because I have the day off.

…We have gotten three inches of snow! and most of it today. I’m quite ready for spring to stay. March came in like a lion, went out like a lamb; April’s showers are supposed to bring May flowers, but old man winter ain’t giving up without a fight this year.

…My mom had a biopsy of spots on her tongue, and that’s all I know about that. My dad learned he has an abdominal hernia, and that’s all I know about that.

…I have gotten quite sleep deprived, and am calling it a day.