What do You Make of This?

Allergan, the company that turned an obscure muscle paralyzer for eyelid spasms, Botox, into a blockbuster wrinkle smoother, hopes to perform cosmetic alchemy yet again. At the end of the month, the company plans to introduce Latisse, the first federally approved prescription drug for ______.

You answered: burning fat

Sorry! The correct answer is growing longer eyelashes

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

This was on the New York Times quiz-of-the-day on Facebook today.  I can’t believe that someone somewhere really thinks it necessary to have an Rx medication for growing longer eyelashes!

Who needs this?! Ponder that a moment….. ummm…. no one.

Of all the things a pharmaceutical company could spend billions of dollars researching, why on earth LONGER EYELASHES! Botox wasn’t created as a wrinkle reducer, but that’s one of its alternate uses, which is really good for sales and helps recoup research costs.  Now if this drug was created to treat hair re-growth for Alopecea patients, and longer-than-before eyelashes came as a bonus for them, well that’s fabulous!

As if the world doesn’t see Americans as self-involved, elitist pricks already, this shall surely add to that opinion. Of course, this will feed the self-involved vanity for women– and a few men I’m sure– worldwide, but that won’t matter in the world of public opinion.

While we’re still absorbing this astonishing news, let’s add this little head shaker:  think about where the money came from for this desperately needed new drug.  If the US government spent any of my hard-earned tax payer money on this project, someone in Washington DC needs to be recalled and lobbyist definitely need more control and oversight.  If all the money came from Allergan’s own deep pockets then I’ll un-ruff my feathers a little, but we still end up paying for it somehow or other in higher retail prices for other products sold by and through them, or their parent- or sister-company.

There was a time when medications were developed to actually prevent, treat and cure physical ailments.  Now we develop them to prevent, treat and cure our perceived genetic flaws. Steroids for your eyelashes, what’s next: steroids for non-public hair? puhleeze.


Just a Little Nudge

It’s quite late on evening of our Presidential Election and the polls in Michigan closed more than seven hours ago, and yet I find myself still seated, staring at a computer monitor and enjoying an unexpected conversation with a friend on Facebook.  This night has brought several events I wasn’t expecting.

Michigan had a state constitutional amendment proposal on the ballot concerning loosening state control over embryonic stem cell research. We spent some time discussing just what this amendment would actually mean– for science and for the sought-after-embryos. I’ll save my opinion on that issue for a later date, and I do have a strong opinion on it, by the way.

Our talk drifted into other things as well.  Artistic endeavors, Spiritual gifts, a little of this, a little of that.  It’s been delightful, and stimulating.  My friend has encouraged me to continue writing– he thinks I have a little talent for it! At least that’s the impression I got.  I don’t know how one gauges such things, but I’m a little biased about my own writings.

So I’ve gotten  a little nudge with some wonderful encouragement and an invitation to join  Creative Community, though no formal invitation was ever required.  With that little bit of sweet contentment I’ll be on my way to curl up under my covers, which we both said we needed to do about two hours ago– and save my commentary on politics, ballot proposals or any other potential hot button issue for another day.

In the Middle of the Night

I should be in bed, but for some reason I just don’t feel like going.  I know sleep is what I need, the brain fog is getting pretty thick.  I’ve just finished working on a draft for another novella/essay for the blog and had a random idea to check my blog stats.  This is how my mind works in the middle of the night.  I’m still a novice blogger, and really have only one faithful reader– I think she even has me on an RSS feed! (Whatever that is–honest, I don’t know, and I don’t know how it works.)

Anyway, I keep trying to write without using proper capitalization, and think “Just skip over the misspellings, and let spell check fix it later”, but I can’t.  Just now I used a *j* and changed it to *J* and I backspace all the time to fix spelling errors.  I don’t really see myself as a Type A personality, except for the perfectionism while typing.  But I stay up late because the house is quiet, and the creativity flows without having to worry about the distractions of family and their needs.

So if you’re just a random tag surfer or you came here on purpose, come and sit a spell.  Let me know I’m not the only one who forsakes sleep to clear her mind of creative fodder.  Most of all– leave comments!  Let me know how you found me.  I must say, the random tag surfer who leaves comments are the most exciting kind to get.  I can’t put why into words just yet, and when I can you can bet the word count will hit 700+.

And before this wanders completely into blog oblivion, I’m going to say good night.