So, what’s new with you?

I know I hadn’t been by my own blog in a while, but I just realized it hasn’t been since January of this year.  It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say; it’s a rare thing when I’m completely speechless.

A quick re-cap of 2009:

Sonny Boy and I want to ride “America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride” together in June, 2010.  I’ve been trying to think of creative ways to fundraise in advance so we can hit our goal early.

Sonny Boy and Girlfriend are still together. They have moments of  ‘I love you, I hate you’, but seem to work it out — or they just ignore the problems, which is bad.  One of his very good friends was killed in a car accident June 12; this sent him emotionally reeling.

Sweet Pea is doing some nannying in Delaware until early August.  She got her birthday present early (cell phone).  We told her it was for her overall safety, but, come on, the truth is I need to talk to her and hear her voice.  We’ve become texting monsters. She misses us, and admits to it, but this will be a good experience for her.

Sugar Bug got busted for cheating on her blood sugar testing logs — she wasn’t testing at all!  I don’t know how we missed that for FOUR MONTHS, but we trusted her, perhaps too much.  She is only 11 after all.  We, no– I, got chewed out by the nurse educator at her follow-up for not being more careful to double-check her meter to the log sheets.  Lesson learned by all involved, and it won’t happen again.  She wants to get an insulin pump, but the application asks her doctor if two months of blood sugar testinglogs are kept.  We do not have that since she was cheating, at least not yet.

Satchel, the cat, has turned out to be a very good hunter, and has caught and killed his keep in mice.  He’s a funny cat, snuggly up to a point and loves to sit on my books, papers or keyboard, or whatever else I happen to be working on.

Lady Bear is now on Fat Dog dog food.  She’s not the best behaved when she meets other dogs while on a walk, so she doesn’t get to go often.  We have a lot of dogs in the neighborhood, and I can’t control her if she starts lunging toward them.  It’s too bad, she’s getting better about not dragging me through the first half-mile.

I have been coaching with Team in Training since January, as a walk coach. I haven’t been sent to any event yet and will likely be staying here for the first-ever TNT participation of the local marathon.  I would love to go back to San Francisco as a coach, but there’s only one first time for TNT to be at any event, so staying here would be pretty cool.  If I keep coaching there’s always other opportunities to travel with the team.  I still do childcare at home, but otherwise am still (un)gainfully unemployed.

My Darling Husband has had some changes with his responsibilities with work, and is now a partner in the shop.  The whole company had to make some drastic changes or risk having to close their doors for good.  He’s busy, the shop is busy, the mechanics and salesmen are busy and that’s all good for the bottom line.  We’re not gonna get rich any time soon, but we aren’t losing the house either.

Well, it’s a sunny, blue-sky July afternoon and the kids are wanting to go swim.  The pool needs a good vacuuming before that can happen, and I’ve just gotten “the look” and “you haven’t even started yet?”.  Flav-R-Ice to the rescue!



SATCHEL!  We got a kitten almost three weeks ago.  I finally caved in, and in spite of my allergies, decided we needed a cat.  We’ve had a continuous problem with mice in the house, and they refuse to eat the poison, or be caught in traps. They’ve been around long enough to share the secrets of these things with one another, and therefore can avoid them. I HATE MICE! More than I dislike cats.

Don’t get me wrong, cats are okay, but they just aren’t a dog. You know, who greet you at the door with wagging tail and slobby kisses, come when you call, and if you’re lucky, learn a few tricks. Cats don’t play fetch in the yard, don’t take their people on walks– or in Lady Bear’s case, drags me through a near-run.

Satchel is very playful, and atfter a few shots with the spray bottle has learned to leave my house plants alone. He has a knack for attacking your ankles and toes.  He also loves Lady Bear, who floats between adoration and toleration of him and his antics.

We took him to the vet today, and got him started on his first shots.  He doesn’t have worms, which is fabulous as Lady was eating his litter-covered poo.  The vet also said it can be normal for kittens to try to nurse, even as adults, said it can be a “comfort thing”. Lady being the mothering sort, is quite content to let him.  She’s even producing a little milk. So it’s really good he doesn’t have worms, or we’d have to de-worm the dog again, on account of the poo eating, Lady could just pass them back to the kitten.

Satchel is now 2.6# and long– so says the vet. He’s got a bit of white on his front paws, and white knee socks on the back, along with a sprinkle –as in 6 strands–of white fur on his forehead, a white crest on his chest, his belly and in his bikini area, if cats were to wear bikini bottoms.  He’s pretty cute if I do say so myself.

I have to admit I am enamored of this little creature, who will give rough tongued kisses on occasion, and will curl up in my lap for a snooze.  He nibbles on my fingers, but the kids aren’t used to kitty teeth, and say it hurts.  They waver between liking him a lot to not at all, depending on everyone’s mood that day.

He’s a keeper.  Now if he can just get rid of the mice.