Third try is the charm, or so they say

This is the third blog-only page I’ve tried to set up, the other two: blogspot and xanga, and it’ll take some time to learn the navigation, but it looks none too complicated.

I have a MySpace and the Xanga site, because that’s where the kids ( I mean mine) all hang out, and then I can see what’s going on in the world my heart still feels it’s a part of, but my greying hair betrays me, and I am almost *old* to them. And almost is highly questionable, if you asked them; to them I am old, because I am “The Mom”.

There should be trumpet fanfare every time a woman says she is “The Mom” when defining her authority and place in the lives of her young brood. It would add … something __________, …. okay, I had a thought and now it’s gone, but you know what I mean, right. O! I know: VALIDATION, SIGNIFICANCE, IMPORTANCE, ESTEEM

That’s all we want isn’t it? validation, significance, importance; to feel we have those things in our lives; to know someone else feels we are worthy to be called valid, significant, important, esteemed for the humble job, nay career! we have chosen.

Trumpet fanfare, I think I want it at my funeral, so passers-by will stop and say amongst themselves “Who is that important person, they must have accomplished many significant things to deserve such regal trumpet blasts to honor them in their passing” And they will go home to read the obituary, and see I indeed was a most important person.

I was “The MOM”