Hillary lost, and the delusion snaps

​I am curious to know what you make of people investing themselves so heavily emotionally into Hillary Clinton’s campaign like this? People grieve less over the death of someone they actually know; someone who may have spent years interacting with them, if only on occasion. Of the 60M people who voted for Hillary the number who will know her on such an intimate level are few, and yet the masses are reacting like their beloved Nana got run over by a reindeer. Or a bus. Pick a metaphor. 
This may make me sound like a heartless bitch. I’m not, really. I just don’t get it, the intense emotional connection to something that boils down to an idea. 
To expound further: it’s like someone is absolutely certain they will win the $250M Power Ball jackpot this weekend. They are so certain they have planned their every step once the numbers are drawn. Find a lawyer. Change phone numbers. Quit job. Start planning vacations, and what glorious vacations they will be! Set up trust funds for kids and (certain) extended family, because that crazy cousin just doesn’t deserve any of “your” money. Rethink your wardrobe, car, and plastic surgery. Buy that watch. Make plans to call the realtor to buy that plot of land to build your dream house on. Give to church, because.God, and tithing. Oh yeah, set up a non-profit so people know you’re not entirely selfish. Pay off the mortgages of friends, and Grandma. Buy her a Cadillac. Buy your friends a Cadillac. Oh.my.stars! Think of all the good I can do with 250,000,000 DOLLARS! 
Guess what. Your numbers didn’t get picked and you can’t do any of that stuff, even though in your head it was so, sooo real. It was so real and seemed so certain you could taste it. You knew. You feel gut punched. So much so you can’t breathe. You think about writing the winner and telling him/her just how grateful you’d be if they could just possibly spare a little, you know to just pay off your own mortgage, because you’re so strapped for funds. “This is madness! This is delusion!” And guess what, it is. 
This person doesn’t need empathy, they need help to figure out why they invested so heavily into a dream that had no guarantee of becoming reality. 
How is my scenario all that different from the masses reacting to Hillary’s defeat? Because she had a chance to win? Because she could have, should have, won? Because she was more righteous and deserving? I have a chance to win $250M.  I could win. I should win. I’m deserving. I’d do all those things mentioned above, and more. If I called in sick next Monday (if I had a job) to stay home and grieve my lost $250 million you’d say I was nuts. 
Why are you so invested in the idea of her? Don’t tell me ‘she could have done this, she could have done that.’ In the history of the US presidential campaign trail, how many promises have actually been kept? Sure, a few, some, once in a while. Most are told just to get your vote you know. 
There was no guarantee. In spite of the overwhelming media bias. In spite of the DNC internal collusion amd politicking to get her nominated and elected. 
Why are we pandering to the masses as they grieve a delusion? 


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