Seen on the Street


Every once in a while something grabs my eye, and it leaves an impression. It’s one of those things that just make you stop to think, not good, not bad, just “Hhhhmmmm” and wonder what they must have been thinking when they said/wrote/went/did whatever, and I was a witness to it.

Seen on the Street #1

Homemade car window *thing*, hanging in the rear window for all the world to see. At first I thought it was one kind of societal dig; turns out it was another:

War in Irag: 4,000 dead in 5 years

9/11: 3,000 dead in one day

Abortion: 3,000 dead per day, for the past 35 years

Abortion is killing America!

I just did a quick calculation, and that comes to ever 38 MILLION babies in the United States since 1973. I guess when it comes to making a life and death decision, one female and one child it, it becomes my own decision, and no one can stop me. When it becomes one President, one Dictator and peace and stability for a nation oppressed, it must be stopped.


One thought on “Seen on the Street

  1. It all does makes sense…tragically.

    I may have written about this long ago on your MySpace blog, but I’m not sure…

    The United States is a country founded in a spirit of rebellion (from England), and in various ways has suffered that consequence ever since. In the U.S., “our way or no way,” is the rule. A conscience both national and personal. We pride ourselves on our independence. Yet, strangely, we do not tolerate independence in others, if it gets in the way of…”our way.”

    Ask the Africans who wanted to live free, but were enslaved, to make our economic “independance” possible. Or any one of thousands of Native American tribes exterminated, or forcibly resettled, to make our westward expansion possible; we called it “Manifest Destiny.,” our God given (and therefore, God blessed.) mandate to take from others what we needed, to live free and independant lives. Abortion is another manifestation of the same rebellious spirit. We…the U.S….us…me, have rebellion in the heart, and blood on the hand, that makes war with other nations in the name of democracy, and that seeks to “do justly and love mercy,” in our dealings with others, on a personal level. We must repent as a nation, if we truly seek to walk…humbly…with our God. We must submit our will to his, then and only then will evils like abortion, racism, and unjust wars, cease. I know that it begins on an individual level. I know that it begins with me.

    “Lord, have mercy.”




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