In the Middle of the Night

I should be in bed, but for some reason I just don’t feel like going.  I know sleep is what I need, the brain fog is getting pretty thick.  I’ve just finished working on a draft for another novella/essay for the blog and had a random idea to check my blog stats.  This is how my mind works in the middle of the night.  I’m still a novice blogger, and really have only one faithful reader– I think she even has me on an RSS feed! (Whatever that is–honest, I don’t know, and I don’t know how it works.)

Anyway, I keep trying to write without using proper capitalization, and think “Just skip over the misspellings, and let spell check fix it later”, but I can’t.  Just now I used a *j* and changed it to *J* and I backspace all the time to fix spelling errors.  I don’t really see myself as a Type A personality, except for the perfectionism while typing.  But I stay up late because the house is quiet, and the creativity flows without having to worry about the distractions of family and their needs.

So if you’re just a random tag surfer or you came here on purpose, come and sit a spell.  Let me know I’m not the only one who forsakes sleep to clear her mind of creative fodder.  Most of all– leave comments!  Let me know how you found me.  I must say, the random tag surfer who leaves comments are the most exciting kind to get.  I can’t put why into words just yet, and when I can you can bet the word count will hit 700+.

And before this wanders completely into blog oblivion, I’m going to say good night.



4 thoughts on “In the Middle of the Night

  1. so I’m not that exciting, I’ll bet, but oh well.

    Blog stats could kill you. sometimes I think about packing it all up and oging to blogger (though I really wouldn’t ever do that) because then I could drive myself even more batty with Google Analytics (which doesn’t work with, although you get some of the same info, just not in as much detail.)

    Would I be your one RSS subscriber? or are you cheating on me?! LOL. I hardly knew what RSS was either–but the basic thing is, it keeps track of the blogs you’re following and lets you know when someone posts a new entry, so you don’t have to keep checking all of your blogs all the time (good for someone like me, who has 50+ on her current RSS feed (Wizz RSS for Firefox) and probably maxed out at about 150 on IE . . . )

    um, I just drifted into “nerdspeak” and I hardly know enough to be a nerd. so I should stop, I guess 😉

    I was actually asleep tonight already (at like 10pm!!! weird for me) and woke up a little bit ago. but the cruel masters of my fate require that I wake up at like 7am, so I really should head back to sleep now.

    . . . I’ll be dreaming about my feed stats . . .


  2. I’m just getting started on this blogging thing. I write…that I can understand. All the requirements to “moderate,” “blog rolls,” etc., etc,…I feel overwhelmed. What happened to simply putting ones thoughts down on (electronic) paper? Having people comment, the comment then instantly (and conveniently) appearing after my entry? In that respect I do miss the blog I’d had when I was on MySpace. However, people I love and respect recommend WordPress, so here I am. It is challenging enough to discipline myself to make the time to write, without this old, (and soon to get a year older) dog having to learn so many new tricks. Groan.


  3. Understood. I’m not sure how to indent a paragraph when using a quote, and how does laterain get the smilies to work?

    I worry more about making sure the point of my entry stays the same from beginning to end. As another friend just put it, I tend to rabbit trail.

    New tricks are good though; it keeps the brain active and fends off dementia for just a while longer.


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