Blogging?.. ice cream would be jealous

I got a random comment from someone about the last post about blog-tag; they didn’t want to be “it” and, well… read the comment if you must, but read the post before that.

That’s basically the reason I’m writing this. Blogging can become an all-consuming past-time, like video games, except the reality is actual and not virtual. That’s not to say some bloggers’ reality’s aren’t delusional, misinformed, biased, confused, one-sided–well, they’re all one-sided. Back on point: we write to get something off our chest, make announcements, pronouncements and even denouncements; but we all do it hoping that someone else will stop by and leave a comment. We humans are pack animals, and crave interaction within our social structure. Even the anti-social still need and crave that contact, even if it’s to rebuff and reject the contact, to growl out “Back off and leave me alone.” We want some random strangers to stop by and read our chatterings about mindless babble or significant social events. We want someone to acknowledge “Yes, indeed, you have an opinion, and I heard what you have to say” and leave a comment of praise, encouragement, like-mindedness and agreement or disagreement.

When I started this, I figured it would be an outlet for the quasi-author in me to release creativity onto the world, and if I didn’t get any responses– well, so what? Well, guess what? I love–no LOVE– getting a response from someone, ANYone. Why? it means that person stopped and read what I had to say. It doesn’t matter if they were wilf-ing, or purposely looking for a blog to read. That person saw mine in a tag listing, and decided to stop by. Well, how cool is that? I’d say I’m so cool, ice cream would be jealous. (My son would say: Mom your so not cool, ice cream would melt.)

So, to the 2 or 3 who stop by here regularly, Thanks!

But, hey! Psssst! Can you send them a link to my blog, I’d like more than 3 regular readers, cause that kinda makes my “ice cream coolness” seem pretty lame.


One thought on “Blogging?.. ice cream would be jealous

  1. LOL. has anybody showed you how to check your traffic stats? then you can base your entire self-esteem on who’s showing up that day!!!

    worse, doesn’t allow for that most evil of feed statistic monsters, GOOGLE ANALYTICS. For this we are extremely grateful, as that could drive you batty. But someday when I get my own URL and host it myself, I’ll be able to torture myself thus . . .

    and yes . . . of course the only reason to write is to know that someone is reading . . .

    but you should still try Diner Dash Hometown Heroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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