Making my own Fort Knox

Just a little bit ago, Sonny Boy told me someone had hacked my My Space account. Well, that’s not the way he put it; it was more: Mom, you’re spreading porn from your My Space!

I flew over the see what he was talking about, and sure enough, there on the bulletin board, for all the world to see, was something someone else had posted. I didn’t even ask if he opened it– I should do that later.

Holy Crap! I got to the computer ASAP, logged on and first order of business: change the password. Next, I checked to see the location of the post. I am relieved to know now that My Space will let you delete something you’ve posted to the bulletin board, and it’s removed from everyone’s inbox. I found two bulletin’s posted. One was sent at nearly 2AM, the other sometime after 8AM. Sonny Boy’s friend who was over said that they were online at 11AM and it showed I was online then too. I most definitely was not online.

All this ranting about something I shouldn’t take for granted. I know we have passwords for security, and obviously mine was not all that secure. I’ve picked a new one, and saved it somewhere on my PDA. The password protector in it is protected by a password, and the entire PDA can be protected by a password. It’s strange to know that my PDA has the potential to have as many security checkpoints as my bank safety deposit box.

I’ve had my car invaded (glove box rifled; loose change pilfered) and someone got into the garage once and made off with a bottle of bubbly. I felt more violated then than I do now. It shouldn’t be that way. I have so much more at stake in the cyber world: bank accounts, identity, and hoot loads more I’m sure. Because my personal safety wasn’t at risk, it feels like it’s less of a “big deal”. It’s a huge deal, and we treat it so casually.

I’m going to have to change all my passwords and then I’m making my PDA my own personal Fort Knox. Now if I can only remember the clever, not-too-easily-identifiable password for that.


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