Eight Random Things

e-gads, I’ve been tagged, and instructed to write.. about THIS… I was on the verge of being called Ms. Random during my last trip to The Pittsburgh Project, so why is it so hard to think of things to fill all eight spots…?

!. I have had severe 2nd and near-3rd degree burns on both of my feet, but the incidents happened separately, in Sept. 1976 [left foot: walked backward into an extinguished beach fire pit, but it was still incredibly hot the next afternoon when I landed in it. I was on crutches for three months, and got very good at it.] and Dec. 2003 [right foot: a freak kitchen accident involving boiling hot water from a water bath from a cake I was baking for the Madison Girls Christmas gala. Don’t know how the pan fell, because I never touched it, and I was the only human in the room.]

2. I have needed bifocals since I was 21. I don’t have actual bifocals now, as they give me headaches, so I wear what I affectionately call my *granny glasses* which are just for reading (what the bifocal would help with), and my other “regular” glasses are for everything else.

3. I strongly believe in anti-racism, and our country can not get past its racist past if we continue to ask people about their *race*, as in the forms filled out at church and the US Census Bureau. Why the church needs to know for its questionnaires, I don’t know, but that’s for another day. Back to topic, from now on I shall fill in OTHER and call myself *Caucasoid* and I shall not be Dutch-American, Euro-America, or white. Better yet, I shall take my daughter’s lead, who, when she filled out her first “What is your race” blank, she said “Do I just put in HUMAN?”

4. I have gone on only one blind date in my life. I married him almost two years later, and if you read a previous blog, we’re still together.

5. I learned how to really swim, not just dog paddle, in a Holiday Inn Holidome pool in St, Louis Missouri. We were there for my dad’s bowling tournament. Remember Holidomes, whatever happened to them?

6. I trained for an Olympic distance triathlon and finished it at 37 years old. I did it with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s TEAM in Training. (1.5 K swim, 40K bike and 10K run and yes, I finished) I’m thinking about joining them again sometime to train for a Century Ride. That’s a 100 miles race for my non-cyclist readers.

7. I have a MySpace, WordPress, Facebook and I think a Xanga, but I haven’t been to that in ages– haven’t taken the time to figure it out. I did have Blogspot, but got rid of it a long time ago.

8. I’m always pondering about whether or not to run for political office, like State Rep or something. I don’t think I’m heartless and scheming enough to stand Washington though. I always have some sort of soap-box opinion on how to do things, but can’t be heard unless I have a vote in Lansing.


2 thoughts on “Eight Random Things

  1. 1) blogspot sucks

    2) you can customize the picture at the top of this page. you could have your kids’ faces showing or something fun like that.

    3) you should really take the 2.5 day anti-racism training. I think you will love it. Do you know that “Caucasoid” is an actual designation from the early days of false race science?

    You absolutely MUST take your children to the Museum of African-American History in Detroit BEFORE September 4th so that you can see the “race” exhibit. I’m trying to figure out a day when I can go again myself . . .


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