I am just so sick of those baby seats!

My cousin and his wife had a precious baby last weekend, and between church services went up to the hospital to get a little “baby fix”. As I walked through the never ending hallway to the lobby (have you been to Butterworth lately?) a new mother, proud daddy and bouncy big brother were being escorted out. The rules of being discharged are that the new mother must ride out in a wheelchair, no matter how strong and healthy she is. The dad’s job is to follow behind and push a flat cart filled with overnight bags, gifts, flowers and all the other papers the hospital gives you to read, but never have the energy to do. This new Momma was not even touching her baby– the child was in a car seat which on her lap! Now, when I left the hospital with any of my three kids you’d have to pry them out of my arms. I never even dreamed of strapping them in a car seat before they were in the car.
I just don’t understand how people can put their child, who loves and needs to be held, into a cold, plastic seat and tote them around like a purse. It drives me nuts to see a baby in the seat sitting on the floor. HELLLLOO! have you seen the floors anywhere lately, and the Dateline story about how gross the bottoms of women’s purses are because they put them on floors all over the place: staph, e-coli, colds, flu, human fecal matter. Shivers just thinking about this. Women won’t put their purse on the floor of a public restroom, but they’ll put their baby down there. I don’t get it.

Someone needs to do a study– as if we need another, I know– to find the correlation between childhood obesity and near constant use by parents of infant carriers. I have seen so many 6, 7, and 8 month old babies who can’t sit up straight, or sit up at all, because they are never out of that stupid contraption whenever they leave their home. Good grief they even make strollers now to hold those silly things. As if walking through the mall is going to result in head-on crash that would require the roll-bar of the baby seat!

I think there would be a lot fewer babies being born as a status symbol if the young mother had to physically carry her child everywhere she went. Okay, that was pretty harsh, but think about it.

Go to church, you have to have four seats for a family of three: Dad, Mom, bag and baby in a car seat (because you can’t put the bag on the floor). Go to a restaurant, same thing; movie theater: ditto. I’d like to see parents pick up and cradle one of those things, with their child in it, so they can look their child in the eye, and talk to them, as opposed to the current skim-barely-above-the-floor method . Do you know how ridiculous you would look and feel carrying your baby next to your heart, in a seat, like it were a giant pumpkin, and talking to them? Your first thought would be: “Why on earth are you carrying your child in that huge thing, when you could just hug them?”

Aha! My point exactly! Leave the car seat where it belongs– in the car, and pick up your child, hold them close to your heart, smell their hair and kiss the top of their head so much it needs to be washed because of all the Chapstick you left behind.

O! and do not even get me started on those TV/video shopping carts.


2 thoughts on “I am just so sick of those baby seats!

  1. the shopping carts are totally ridiculous. I saw two toddlers (probably two and three, I would guess) and they weren’t even watching the TV!!! they were wanting to see what was going on, wanting mom and dad to pay attention to them. now, I realize that shopping with kids is a huge challenge, but something tells me that the shopping trip is not the only time that mom and dad are ignoring them.


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